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Synchronise Your Workflowy notes with Jira items to avoid having to interact with Jira.


Automatically check for outdated dependencies and references, update on the and report on your team’s progress.

Seyren Client

A .Net client for the Seyren alerting platform

Seyren Alert Controller

Inspired by the Kubernetes API model, Alert Controller, allows you to declare Seyren alerts using a YAML DSL and keep your Seyren instance synchronised.

Using the Kubernetes API model, the configuration is self healing and facilitates configuration as code.


A Proof of Concept RESTful data store for making breaking API changes without manually maintaining multiple versions of the same API.

New Relic Insights - Grafana Plugin

A Grafana datasource providing access to New Relic insights queries.


A secure proxy to allow authorised access to internal services without exposing them directly.