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Be A Grafana/Graphite Power User

Graphite (the time series stats database) and Grafana (the brilliant visualisation tool) both have excellent documentation that tells us how to operate the software, but simply knowing how to use a tool does not mean you truly grok it.

This is a collection of tips and suggestions to help your use of these tools be easier and more meaningful.

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Build RESTful services really fast and get on with building your application.

FortressCraft: Evolved

FortressCraft for a new age. The original FortressCraft was written to get the best out of limited hardware on the XBox 360. FortressCraft: Evolved abandons that platform and pushes modern gaming PCs to their limit. Being on a more open platform, FortressCraft: Evolved makes use of modern cloud logging and monitoring solutions, as well as custom built cloud infrastructure for multiplayer discovery and service provisioning.

Past Projects


FortressCraft is a video game released on Xbox Live Indie Games on April 8, 2011. FortressCraft cites Minecraft, Infiniminer and Dwarf Fortress as direct inspirations for the design aspect of the game. The game utilizes textured voxels to simulate landscapes, traditionally reminiscent of other titles in the genre.

Colour Jumper 2

Colour Jumper 2 is a framework for writing turn based/tile based games. Using chess as a starting point, Colour Jumper 2, allows you to create the entities which populate the game, and manage the game flow.

Squirrel Tail

Anybody who has spent any time working with log file in unix will have come across the tail command which lets you see the last few lines of any file or piped input. What happens if you don’t log to a text file, you log to a SQL table? You could write a query every time and keep hitting refresh, but if you’re monitoring large amounts of log data, or you just want it to update automatically so it’s just there… what do you do?


In 2010 I decided that all the Twitter clients I could find were clunky, slow and generally a bit rubbish. I took the opportunity to work on an extremely minimalist twitter client. No big windows open all the time taking up memory, more of a twitter notification app crossed with a single Tweet window.

Magic Eyes

The result of a 10 hour game competition. We chose the genre of platformer and got to work. This is the result of 10 hours work.

Unit Mate

An iOS app to help yourself keep track of how many units you’ve had to drink and whether you’re likely to be over the legal limit with this handy beer unit calculator.